Audi Remaps Nottingham – Audi RS3

Audi RS3 – Audi Remaps Nottingham

Audi Remaps Nottingham. This client came to us wanting to get the full potential from their vehicle. We had the perfect solution. 

Audi Remaps Nottingham

Performance Package

Audi RS3 –  Audi Remap Nottingham

Our Client opted for the Performance Pack for their vehicle. As shown on the image to the right, with our vehicle-specific remaps, we can give this Audi RS3 a 43 BHP Gain. From the standard 395 BHP to now running at 438 BHP, this is a huge upgrade that can felt immediately after driving the vehicle. With the increase of 60 Nm of Torque, as soon as you put your foot down you can feel the instant reaction from the car. One thing our client loves about this remap is the amount of ‘Pops & Bangs’ the exhaust system now makes. Our client would not stop talking about how much they love to hear it and how much more frequent they are now after the remap.


• More performance and power when you need it
• Greater torque across the whole rev range
• Sharper quicker throttle response
• Smoother, quicker delivery of power
• Reliable, quick and easy to install
• Can be reverted to stock when needed
* All of our remaps come with a 30-day money-back guarantee

Whether your car is a small, economic petrol vehicle or a high-performance supercar, there’s always power that can be released from a remap. Our tuning is carried out in a safe, responsible way – a bit more power is useless if your vehicle becomes unreliable, smokes or breaks down. Our commitment to quality and our research and development, emission testing and attention to detail means you can trust Exec Spec Vehicle Remaps Nottingham to deliver every time.

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