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Things YOU need to know about The Direct Vision Progressive Safe System (PSS)

Are You Direct Vision PSS Ready?

As part of the Mayor of London’s Vision Zero plan to eliminate all deaths and serious injuries on London’s transport network by 2041, TFL have released an enhancement to the current Direct Vision Standard (DVS) ‘Safe System’ with the introduction of the ‘ProgressiveSafe System’ (PSS) from October 2024.

From 28 October 2024 HGVs over 12T must meet a minimum standard of three-star rating, where vehicles do not meet this minimum standard operators are required to implement a series of vehicle safety measures, which are designed to reduce the risks that HGVs present to vulnerable road users (VRU). Vehicles must then obtain a safety permit before entering and operating in Greater London.

An HGVs DVS star rating is based on how much the driver can see directly through the vehicle’s cab windows of the area around the vehicle where collisions are most likely to take place.

When Will The Progressive Safe System Be Enforced?

The new PSS will come into force from 28th October 2024, and will apply to all vehicles that have a two-star rating or lower.

0, 1 & 2-star permits granted before 24 June 2024 are valid until midnight on 27 October 2024, by when these permit holders will need to have applied for a new safety permit to demonstrate that their vehicle meets the new PSS requirements to operate in London.

We will begin to accept applications under the new requirements from 24 June 2024 for vehicles that will need a permit with a PSS condition.

These permits will be valid until midnight on 28 October 2030. Existing permits (with a Safe System condition) for these vehicles will remain valid until their stated expiry date, at midnight on 27 October 2024.

For more information and guidance please visit TfL website

DVS 'Progressive Safe System' Requirements

DVS 'Progressive Safe System' 2024 Kit

Where In London Is The DVS Enforceable?

The DVS map below outlines the area of London where the DVS regulation is currently in force and where permits are compulsory.

Don’t forget this will apply to ALL vehicles weighing more than 12 tonnes, whether they are from the UK or traveling into London from overseas.

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