Ford Fiesta ST200 StarLine S96

Ford Fiesta ST200 Security Upgrade

Ford Fiesta ST200 Now Secure!

Our Client knows that their vehicle is a prime target for Car Thieves and wanted the best car security available. We had the perfect solution the StarLine S96 Advanced Alarm & Immobilisation System.

This alarm comes with 2x Bluetooth Driver Recognition Tags, enabling the Smart Driver Authorisation. Without these tags being present, this vehicle cannot be driven.

The StarLine S96 comes with many features, and our client added some optional extras to ensure extra security:
• Built-In Shock Sensor
• Smart 3D Sensor that registers the Jacking-Up of the Vehicle. (I.e. Catalytic Converter Theft)
• Bluetooth Smart Authorisation
• GSM Telematics
• 3G Modem
• Bluetooth Smart Control (Via Mobile Phone)
• Keyless Access Protection (Vehicle Dependent)
• Anti-Hijack (Vehicle Dependant)
• Horn Honk Upgrade (Optional Extra)
• Internal Microwave (Optional Extra)

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Is Your Fiesta ST Secure ?
Don’t be a Victim of Car Crime.
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