Ford Focus RS Edition- Security & Protection

Products Used On The RS Edition Ford Focus

This customer came to us with his brand new Ford Focus RS Edition wanting high-end security and also protection on the road. We gave him a few different options of what he could have but simply he wanted the best.

Ford focus rs edition Autowatch ghost immobiliser car tracker best nottingham derbyAutowatch Ghost

So we highly recommended the Autowatch Ghost for starters on the Ford Focus RS Edition. This immobilizer stops thieves from being able to drive away with your vehicle as a special code is needed to be able to start your vehicle’s engine. The Autowatch Ghost is programmed to a vehicle specific file, so please check your vehicles compatibility with one of our sales team members. With a huge increase of car crimes being related to key cloning, everybody should be worried if they have keyless entry, but with this device, it stops thieves being able to steal their precious vehicle as it is undetectable to the key cloning devices.

Tracker Locate

We then recommended the Tracker Locate to him, this is perfect for the Ford Focus RS Edition. for example if the thieves towed the Ford Focus RS Edition or lifted his vehicle onto a truck then the Tracker HQ control centre will be able to track his vehicle and repossess it for him. With the trackers additional VHF network due to it being a Tracker UK brand, the tracker locate is the best category 6 tracker around. With its low price and also its VHF network advantage, it is no wonder why the Tracker Locate is one of our best sellers. This type of tracker is perfect for the Ford Focus RS Edition, as you can see where your vehicle is on an app on your phone. And with the liaison with all police forces around the UK, there is no doubt that they will try everything possible to help secure your vehicle.

Blackvue DR750S-2CH

We then finally recommended the Blackvue DR750S-2CH. This is due to the customer wanting protection on the road. The Blackvue that we fitted is a 2 channel camera, meaning that you have both a front and rear camera, this is perfect as it will cover all of the angles of the Ford Focus RS Edition or even your vehicle. This then gives you coverage from the 2 main angles. With a lot of con-artists out there, there has been a high increase of people braking sharply in front of you, trying to blame you for faults etc. But with this camera, you can simply supply the recordings as evidence and that will instantly show your innocence. Even with your normal accidents, where another driver may put in a claim against you, with this camera you can show the recorded footage and prove that you were not in the wrong.

The good thing about the DR750S-2CH is that it also has built-in WIFI. This now allows you to connect your phone up to your camera, and this means that you can now bring up any footage, that is stored on your camera, up on your phone and can be played instantly. So if you are in a crash and need to prove your innocence, then you can now simply bring out your phone and show the relevant person the footage that was saved on the dash cam.

Ford focus rs edition blackvue witness camera best dash cam nottingham derby