Mercedes S63 Audio Install

Mercedes S63 AMG Audio Install

An insight into our company

Here at Exec Spec Car Audio & Security, we pride ourselves on customer satisfaction. We had great joy in completing this audio install on this Mercedes S63. As a company like to do our installs with as much precision and perfection as humanly possible. We will never be happy with an install that is not top quality, we are very OCD when it comes to installs. And we can guarantee that you will never see a trace of where we have been, we treat each customer’s vehicles as if they were our own. With more than 15 year’s experience in the audio and security industry, we can guarantee your vehicle is in safe hands. Feel free to pop instore and have a look at our demo car’s, and see our wide range of products.

The enquiry

This proud Mercedes S-Class owner enquired about having an audio upgrade. He was after a more crisp sound from his speakers, he wanted a lot of bass coming from the back and he wanted only the best and trustful hands on his beloved AMG. He wanted to have the best sounding Mercedes s-class AMG around. We had this vehicle for 3 straight days, all hours of the day and late nights of hard-working, but in the end, it was definitely worth it.

The install

Working on this Mercedes S-Class AMG was a pleasure. A lot of time and hard work went into making sure this customer gets what he wanted. The customer also allowed us to input some of our design ideas into this project, as seen with the Audison APS 8 D in the rear parcel shelf. Also shown is the subwoofer box that our head technician made himself in his own time so that the customer can get the full effect of his upgrade.

From tuning all the speakers, tweeters and subwoofer to lining every part of his doors and body with Skinz Expert Soundproofing. We went into every little detail to make sure the customer was happy with his upgrade and that he could benefit from every last bit of sound.

As shown we also installed foam soundproof rings around his Hertz Speaker sets ( ESK 165L.5 & ECX 165.5 ) so we can amplify and direct the sound into his car and not let any of it leave the vehicle and go to waste.

With the addition of the 8 channel amplifier, the Audison AP8.9 Bit, it helps each speaker and subwoofer reach its full potential but still giving out that crisp, sharp sound.

The customer’s satisfaction

In the end, the customer was more than happy with his audio upgrade. His face said it all. This is what made the install even better, the feeling that we get from the customer, the excitement and the happiness that they show with what we have done to their vehicle, that’s what we thrive for as a company. What makes it even better is when, as said, we input our own ideas into customers installs and they are even happier that we did. With this Mercedes S-class AMG owner, the surprise of having the subwoofer in his rear parcel shelf, it blew him away, and that’s what makes us move forward and keep heading to achieve more and more customer satisfaction. We can proudly say this Customer now has one of the best sounding Mercedes S63 AMG’s around.