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  • Clifford Flashing Warning Badge

    Clifford Flashing Warning Badge

    The Clifford Flashing Warning Badge is a perfect solution for putting thieves off your vehicle. With its luminous blue glowing light, the Clifford Flashing Warning Badge shows everybody that looks at your vehicle that you have security on your vehicle. The brilliant blinking Badge from Clifford calls attention to itself (especially at night) and conveys a powerful message to would-be car thieves.



    • Electro-Luminescent Armed Indicator Light
    • Large armed display to deter criminals
    • Protected by Clifford” and Clifford slogan
    • Connects to negative armed output
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  • Autowatch PIR Sensor Wired

    Autowatch PIR Sensor Wired

    The Autowatch PIR Sensor Wired is a sensor that can monitor your vehicle for any security breaches. With its 360 degrees monitoring angle & a transmission range of up to 30m, nothing can escape the sight of this Wired PIR Sensor. Suitable for large vehicles, vans and motorhomes.

    The Autowatch PIR Sensor Wired relies on a double pulse activation to prevent false alarm triggers and has up to two years battery life. This is perfect for monitoring your precious vehicle as you don’t need to worry about changing the batteries often and if you are worried about the thought of your alarm going off even though nothing happened, then with this Autowatch PIR Sensor Wired you won’t have to think about that as it has double pulse activation to prevent this from happening.

    This Autowatch PIR Sensor Wired will put your mind at rest when it comes to vehicle security, your precious vehicle will always be protected by the Autowatch PIR Sensor Wired.



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    [box] A perfect add-on to the Autowatch 695 Canbus Alarm System: Click Here[/box]

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