Alpine XA70F – 4 Channel Amplifier



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Alpine XA70F 4 Channel Amplifier

Alpine introduces the all-new X-Series of high-grade speakers and amplifiers. These products have been engineered and tuned to create a perfect match for extraordinarily dynamic, realistic sound reproduction and a spatial sound impression.

The all-new X-Series amplifiers set a new standard for sound quality performance and power output in a very compact design. Available in mono, four channel and five channel configuration, these amps are a perfect match for the all-new X-Series speakers and subwoofers.

Alpine XA70F 4 Channel Amplifier


X-Series amplifiers are built on a new Alpine-proprietary circuit design that achieves class-leading power density and reliability while performing at the top of its class. By simplifying the circuit topology, Alpine is able to ensure the cleanest possible signal path. While the simplicity of the circuit contributes to a great sounding signal, we added an exclusive dual feedback loop that corrects signal distortion. This clever design results in a frequency response that not only meets the Hi-Res audio standard of 40kHz but even extends up to 60kHz. The amp maintains a very low phase shift throughout the music spectrum, which allows your music stay faithful to the original recording with realism that puts you in the centre of the performance.



  • Alpine XA70F 4 Channel Amplifier
  • Alpine XA70F 4 Channel Amplifier
  • Alpine XA70F 4 Channel Amplifier
  • Alpine XA70F 4 Channel Amplifier


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