Autowatch 457RLi/T – CAT1 Alarm System

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**Installation based at our HQ – DE7 4RJ


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Autowatch 457RLi/T - CAT 1 Alarm Nottingham

CAT 1 Alarm Nottingham , Derby & Leicester

The Autowatch 457RLi/T is a comprehensive remote alarm immobiliser security system offering maximum security and all the comfort features a customer would ever require, with ease of operation being one of its key selling features and up to 6 wireless sensors (PIR & or Reed switch).

Security Features

  • On-board Immobilisation
  • Self-arming Immobiliser
  • Battery back-up siren
  • Auto Re-arm Alarm
  • Auto -arming Alarm
  • Lock/Unlock with ignition
  • Pager output neg out (Selectable)
  • Negative Output when armed (Selectable)
  • Ignition Anti-Hotwire
  • Indicator / Park-light Flashing
  • Door Open audible warning
  • Anti-tamper Security Housing
  • Remote Panic Alarm Facility
  • Anti-key Theft Facility


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