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Secure your Transit Custom Today with our Ford Transit Custom Thrust Pin!


The new threat of door peeling is becoming more and more common with thieves. By peeling the top corner of your side load door, this will allow thieves to access the rear of your van & allow them to target any tools or equipment stored inside the van. These attacks are not detected by the factory alarm system, due to no switch being near this location to alert the alarm of an illegal entry. This is why the Ford Transit Custom Thrust Pin is a Must Have!

No matter the size or length of your Ford Transit Custom, you are still at threat of your side load door being peeled.

The Ford Transit Custom Thrust Pin has been designed to prevent the thief from being able to peel back the door. This gives the side load door an additional fixing point that prevents any attempt of peeling on the side door. With this product being a non-electrical system, It simply activates during the opening and closing of the door.


In addition to this Thrust Pin, we would highly recommend having High-Position Deadlocks installed to both the side and rear doors. This is also used as a main deterrent against any thief.


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