GYS Arctic 4000 Smart Charger

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GYS Arctic 4000


The ARTIC 4000 (4 A) is specifically designed to charge 6 and 12 V batteries such as cars, motorbikes, jet-skis or vintage cars. It ensures an automatic charge 2 times faster than a traditional charger and controlled by a microprocessor. The battery can be charged in situ and safely left unattended.


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GYS Arctic 4000 Smart Charger

Ideal for Cars

  •  Designed to charge 6 V and 12 V batteries:
    – 6 V: 8 Ah to 70 Ah or for maintenance charging up to a 130 Ah.
    – 12 V: 2 Ah to 70 Ah or for maintenance charging up to a 130 Ah.


  • 4 charge modes for maximum versatility:
    – SLOW: designed to safely charge small batteries (< 15 Ah).
    – FAST: ideal for most 12 V batteries.
    – COLD: special charge for cold weather (less than 5°C) and for Start & Stop batteries (EFB & AGM).
    – 6 V: ideal for vintage vehicles 6 V batteries (cars/motorbikes).


  •  Optimised maintenance charge, the charger can remain permanently connected for example whilst a vehicle is not in use over the winter. «Auto Restart» function in case of power cut, the charger memorises the settings and restarts automatically.


LCD display with the very precise charging cycle control:

– battery status
– charging mode
– real-time battery voltage
– charge status


100% Automatic Charge

  • The unattended charge and maintenance ensure maximum battery performance and longevity.



  • Protection of the vehicle’s onboard electronics: protection against short circuits, polarity reversal and overcharging. Spark prevention system.


  • Automatic standby mode if the battery is disconnected.


  • Simplified interface to prevent user errors.


  • Compact design, light and portable.


  • Connection with quick connector.


  • Shock-resistant housing, resistant to dust and liquid ingress (IP65).





  • GYS Arctic 4000 Charger made for cars car charger

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Dimensions60 × 60 × 60 cm