LaserLine 921T

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LaserLine 921T

Our LaserLine 921T immobiliser system is now available for any vehicle make or model. The LaserLine 921T is a discreet stealth system that can be fitted alongside any vehicle alarm system or stolen car tracker. The Majority of vehicle theft is done with stealing the original car keys or cloning your keyless remote within minutes making your car disposable to the organised car criminals. The 921T is an invisible immobilisation system that runs in the background not interfering with your existing electronics. When a car thief decides to steal/clone your car keys they are then presented with an unauthorised mode which prevents them in starting the vehicle. Completely invisible to any one who gets into your vehicle the LaserLine system can be disarmed without even your passengers knowing what security you really have.

LaserLine 921T system is not affected by car criminals who clone your vehicle keys or use jamming, spoofing devices to obtain codes from a original key remote fob.

Why have the Laserline system ?

With more & more rising numbers of car theft , Car criminals now have access to equipment that can scan , clone your vehicle keys of your Audi ,BMW ,Land Rover, Mercedes, VW & many more – Yes that’s right! they can do this with Obd key cloning equipment that is widely available & all in minutes of gaining access to your car.

Here is a video footage of  Bmw & LandRover Key cloning – Not requiring the original key but just a blank key with the cloning equipment & Obd programmer allows your vehicle to be programmed in less then 2 minutes..

Simple -How it Works?

Once the LaserLine 921T has been fitted to your vehicle by one of our qualified engineers. You will be shown how to authorise start up of your vehicle.

No vehicle is fitted with a generic system all installations are bespoke to the vehicle & customer making it so unique that its invisible as you like. sequence to enable safe start up of the vehicle.

What more details then feel free to contact our team of experts on 01159229252.