StarLine Eclipse Immobiliser

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Did you know your can can be stolen without the keys?

The newly popular Relay & OBD Theft is taking the number of stolen vehicles through the roof!

30-seconds is all it can take for a professional thief to take your vehicle.

Prevent this from happening with the StarLine Eclipse.

**Prices Fitted From £599 – Please confirm with our sales team before ordering. (Vehicle Dependent)

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StarLine Eclipse - Vehicle Immobilisation System

The StarLine helps protect your vehicle in many ways. If your vehicle keys were stolen or cloned, the StarLine Eclipse would help prevent the thieves from driving away with your vehicle.

The StarLine offers Smart Owner Authorisation. This mean that the immobiliser will identify the vehicle owner in 3 different ways. You can either use a discreet sequence of buttons in your vehicle as a pin code, Smartphone app via Bluetooth and/or a StarLine Encrypted ID Tag. Either sequence to starting your vehicle can be practically transparent to any passenger or occupant. Jamming devices to obtain codes from an original key remote fob has no impact to the StarLine.

Why Have The StarLine Eclipse?

Every day more vehicles are stolen without the owner’s keys. Cloning equipment & door lock pick sets have become an easy purchase on the internet. Thieves require very little training making it a very simple to steal the most modern cars today. Such equipment allows thieves to steal vehicles in a matter of seconds. Prevent this from happening with the StarLine Eclipse!

Smart Security

Bluetooth Smart Authorisation

To start driving owner should pass authorization by a small waterproof wireless tag or smartphone with Bluetooth 4.2 version and above

Invisible Engine Blocking

Unique patented iCAN technology guarantees reliable protection by hidden engine blocking through a factory digital CAN/LIN bus or                                    Analogue (Vehicle Dependent)

The Eclipse safeguards again such methods of theft as:

  • Keyless Entry System hacking (relay attack) ✅
  • Physical key theft ✅
  • Key cloning via OBD-II ✅

Pin Code Authorisation 

The vehicle can be driven only after entering an individual PIN-code with car original buttons

Anti-Hijack (Additonal Extra)

StarLine protects against theft and hijacking with safe engine blocking in motion if tag is not detected



  • StarLine Eclipse
  • StarLine Eclipse
  • StarLine Eclipse
  • StarLine Eclipse

Additional information

Optional Extra's

None, Bluetooth ID Tag (To Allow Easier Use) – £40, Horn Honk – £60, Both – £100


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