Thinkware Q800PRO

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**This Model Is Now Discontinued – Please See The Following Link To The Model Replacment – Thinkware Q1000 [Click Here]*

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Thinkware Q800PRO

Thinkware Q800PRO Dash Cam

The Vivid Envision the Thinkware Q800PRO.

1440p Quad HD – Full HD 2CH | Super Night Vision 2.0 | Thinkware Cloud 2.0 Beta | Energy Saving Mode | Time Lapse | Safety Camera Alert | Road Safety Warning System (LDWS, FCWS, uFCWS, FVDW) 140° Wide Angle (Front & Rear) | Advanced Video Clear Technology | Built-in Wi-Fi | Built-in GPS | Format Free 2.0 | Mobile APP (Android/iOS) | Windows/Mac Viewer


Geo Fencing allow drivers to stay alert of vehicle location. Whether your vehicle goes in/out side of a certain radical area, Q800 PRO will send you push notification through mobile app, THINKWARE CLOUD. This is more practical for the parents, rental companies, and for fleet management. The radius can be set by typing the address or by using pin point on the mobile app. You may set 20 different radical area with the size from 100m up to 600km.


Locate Vehicle will help drivers to find the vehicle’s current location. Q800 PRO will update its current location in every 10 seconds. Then it will display current location with speed and the heading direction integrated on google map.


In the event of a crash, the alert feature can help the driver to notify others of an emergency situation
when the driver is not in the condition to do so. The family or the owner of the car can then remotely check on the situation from their location.

When the car experiences an impact with a g-force level greater than 3g or 4g while driving, the dash cam
will automatically send a push notification alert of the impact to the user’s smartphone logged in to the THINKWARE CLOUD app.
A 20 seconds video of the incident (10 seconds before and after the incident) is also saved on the THINKWARE CLOUD server,
and a push notification alert of the video is sent to the user, which can be checked later and downloaded from the app.

* Strong Impact Notification Video: Up to 100 downloads per month (Reset on every 1st day of the month)
** No new videos can be recorded while saving the 20 seconds of first impact file.
*** If a second or third impact is detected, an additional push notification alert of the impact is sent to the user’s smartphone.
And if those impacts are within 10 seconds from the first impact, it can be seen in the remaining seconds of the first impact file
(e.g. If, a second impact is detected 2 seconds from the first impact, 8 seconds are the duration of the second impact video).
**** Capacity per user: 520MB – Strong impact videos of 50MB will be uploaded. (10 uploads for 1CH or 5 uploads for 2CH)
***** When the capacity is exceeded: The oldest files are deleted and overwritten with the new videos.
****** The service behavior and the transmission may vary depending on the server environment and your mobile data.



  • Thinkware Q800PRO

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Camera Options

Front Only, Front & Rear – £80


Delivery – £12.99, Front Only Installation at our HQ – £75 + VAT, Front & Rear Installation at our HQ – £150 + VAT


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