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Tracker Monitor VHF Category7

The Tracker Monitor is a unique VHF insurance approved Category 7 tracking system. The Tracker Monitor VHF ( Very High Frequency) technology has been designed to prevent jamming of the tracking system. This tracking system is the most popular Cat 7 tracking system which includes the benefits of battery backup & illegal motion sensor. In the event of a theft, Tracker HQ sends out a message to its towers located around the country & all UK ports to activate the Tracker Monitor. Which then will relay to a Tracker equipped UK Police interceptor Cars / Helicopter within the vicinity.

Need a cheap tracking system? Then the Tracker Monitor is a great entry-level vehicle tracking system that utilises very high frequencies whereas other devices that have GPS/GSM can be jammed easily.

Your Vehicle Safety

The Tracker Monitor has coverage across Europe. The UK, France, Spain, Poland, Italy, Holland and Luxembourg are where coverage is available. Therefore if you go on holiday with your vehicle, you can enjoy yourself knowing that our vehicle is still in safe hands. Furthermore, you then know that if your vehicle is stolen then you know that even if it does cross into Europe then it can still be monitored by Tracker and the Police. Most of all you can put the safety of your vehicle to the back of your mind as you will know if anything bad does happen then you know Tracker and the Police force will get your vehicle back safe for you.

Tracker is approved by;
Lexus, Mercedes-Benz, Maserati, Smart, Toyota, Case New Holland (Tractors), Bailey Caravans, Morgan, Aerial, NFU Insurance

Main Features

  • VHF anti-jamming Tracking Device
  • Internet-enabled
  • Movement sensor – detection & control centre alert
  • Insurance approved
  • Tracked By Every Police Force in The UK
  • Includes Nationwide installation by a certified engineer

Monitoring Charges

Tracker UK Offer 1-5 years for monitoring of your tracking system. Please add one of the following subscriptions to your tracker.

1 Year Subscription: £169

2 Year Subscription: £299

3 Year Subscription: £389

4 Year Subscription: £479

5 Year Subscription: £569


Additional information

Dimensions30 × 30 × 30 cm

1 Years Subscription – £169 (Included), 2 Years Subscription – £299, 3 Years Subscription – £389, 4 Years Subscription – £479, 5 Years Subscription – £569