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Here at Exec Spec Remapping Nottingham, we can offer you performance tuning and chip tuning for most Car, Van & Fleet Vehicles. All our tuning and remapping is dyno-developed, tested and emission proven, the ECU tuning and engine remapping on offer is known, tested and guaranteed to deliver every time.

  • Petrol and Diesel Performance Tuning
  • ECU Remapping and Chip Tuning for most cars
  • Vans and 4×4 vehicles
  • …and much more.


  • More performance and power when you need it
  • Greater torque across the whole rev range
  • Sharper quicker throttle response
  • Smoother, quicker delivery of power
  • Reliable, quick and easy to install
  • Can be reverted to stock when needed

* All of our remaps come with a 30-day money back guarantee

Whether your car is a small, economic petrol vehicle or a high-performance supercar, there’s always power that can be released from a remap. Our tuning is carried out in a safe, responsible way – a bit more power is useless if your vehicle becomes unreliable, smokes or breaks down. Our commitment to quality and our research and development, emission testing and attention to detail means you can trust Exec Spec Vehicle Remaps Nottingham to deliver every time.

Van Tuning and Economy ECU Remapping

Exec Spec Vehicle Remapping Nottingham offers tuning and ECU remapping for most vehicles in the market. It may be surprising but one of the most popular vehicles to be tuned is the humble works van. Van tuning services include fuel economy tuning, emission reduction, rev limiting, speed limiting, throttle limiting, as well as tuning for improved performance, towing, payload and driveability. The focus of the van tuning we undertake is to transform the feel of your van’s power delivery whilst optimising fuel efficiency and driving characteristics. Almost all makes and model of van can be tuned, including the Mercedes range, the Mercedes Sprinter, Vario, and Vito, Ford Transit Van, Vauxhall’s van range, as well as tuning for both Peugeot and Citroen’s vans and light commercial vehicles. Whatever van you are driving the chances are Exec Spec will be able to offer you a range of tuning options.



  1. Up to 20% savings on the cost of fuel
  2. Up to 20% reduction on emissions
  3. Zero proven impact on warranty and zero impact on residual value
  4. No mechanical modifications
  5. Minimal downtime for busy vehicles – installation in less than 1 hour
  6. One-off installation fee
  7. Return on investment within 6 months or less
  8. No on-going maintenance fees – only fuel save monitoring
  9. Reset vehicle to standard at any time
  10. Guaranteed instantaneous fuel saving

As with all Exec Spec’s tuning, our range of light commercial and van tuning comes with 30 days money back guarantee and £5million insurance protection. If you own from a single van to a fleet with multiple vans, we have a tuning solution and installation option to save you money.

Commercial Vehicles

As well as car and light commercial vehicles and vans, Exec Spec can also cater for heavy commercial vehicle tuning, trucks and lorries too. Exec Spec Vehicle Remaps Nottingham can tune most commercial vehicles, including tuning for most brands of HGVs, trucks and vans as well as many tractors, excavators and other farm and industrial machinery, generators and marine engines.


The tuning of commercial vehicles and lorries is not just about the additional power, torque, driveability and BHP that can be delivered – which can be very considerable – but these days the need to reduce running cost is a pressure for all fleet operators and owner-operators alike. With Exec Spec Vehicle Remaps Nottingham, HGV and truck tuning can be tailored to the need and use of the vehicle – with our engine ECU remap and fuel economy tuning very significant improvements in fuel saving can be achieved. Truck engine tuning and ECU remapping can be tuned to deliver extra pulling power and torque. Vehicles will feel smoother and more powerful, mid-range acceleration and torque can be increased, reducing gear shifts and significantly improving MPG return and driving pleasure. Most trucks can be tuned including the Mercedes HGV range, DAF trucks and lorries, Volvo and Scania, as well as MAN amongst others. Bus tuning and other applications including plant and marine can also be tuned for both power and fuel economy. HGV vehicles can be tuned in-house at Exec Spec Vehicle Remaps Nottingham.

Economy Tuning

Viezu are the world’s leading fuel economy tuning expert. They are often copied and you may see many tuners claiming to have their own version of our unique TM protected BlueOptimize fuel economy software, but whilst their version may sound the same, the difference is in the results. BlueOptimize fuel economy remap software and car fuel saving tuning is completely unique to Viezu. The diesel engine tuning and car fuel savings that Viezu achieves are the result of many hundreds of hours of R&D in the specific study of vehicle diesel engine fuel economy tuning.

The fuel saving and economy tuning results are all available for inspection. We have many case studies where we have developed fuel-saving solutions for specific cars, vans and commercial vehicles – we will be happy to share these with you and show you the results first hand. No other car tuning and remap software company can offer you fuel economy and fuel saving tuning like this.


Viezu’s BlueOptmize fuel economy and car fuel saving tuning has been internationally recognised as a world-class leading technology and has won Viezu a number of very prestigious awards. These include the UK Chamber of Commerce ‘Innovation In Technology’ award for 2011, FleetNews ‘Cost Saving Initiative of the Year 2013’ for our fuel economy tuning and van fuel economy services provided to British Telecom, as well as the Queen’s Award for Enterprise and innovation.


  1. Up to 20% savings on cost of fuel – case studies available
  2. Up to 20% reduction on emissions – testing results available
  3. Zero proven impact on warranty and zero impact on residual value – over 150,000 vehicles tuned
  4. No mechanical modifications
  5. Minimal downtime for busy vehicles – installation in less than 1 hour
  6. One-off installation fee – international coverage
  7. Possible return on investment within 6 months or less
  8. No on-going maintenance fees – only fuel save monitoring
  9. Reset vehicle to standard at any time
  10. Guaranteed instantaneous fuel saving with a 30-day trial

All fuel economy tuning and fuel saving services are developed in house on Viezu’s 3000bhp rolling road and at their Euro 5 emission certified research and development centre. No other tuning company carries out research and development into the science of fuel economy remap tuning software and guarantees their results like Viezu.

The Viezu technicians have developed a truly unique and expansive range of tuning and remapping services specifically aimed at delivering the best in fuel economy tuning. Fuel economy tuning really is our specialist subject, and the awards we have won and the independent testing prove we are the number one supplier. Viezu can deliver significant gains in vehicles fuel efficiency whilst at the same time improve the feel, driveability and performance of the car, van, truck or agricultural vehicle tuned.

Release the full potential

Vehicle manufacturers all have to limit the power and therefore the fuel economy and MPG of their vehicles. This is done for a number of reasons – different markets, fuel grades, vehicle model ranges, marketing, insurance and affordability. So your vehicle may, in fact, be underperforming from its possible design intent in both power and for fuel economy. Viezu’s BlueOptimize fuel economy tuning can release your vehicle’s real potential for both fuel economy (MPG), and we can reduce your emissions and C02 at the same time.

Diesel Tuning, ECU Remapping

Diesel Tuning, ECU Remapping

We specialise and offer all areas of vehicle tuning and ECU remapping – Diesel engine tuning is incredibly popular due to the very positive way that the diesel engine respond to tuning, very significant gains can be delivered in power, torque and fuel economy and almost all vehicle with a diesel engine.

Diesel engine tuning can be specifically carried out to meet the driver’s needs, be it outright power, outright fuel economy tuning, or to account for the vehicles use, load bearing, i.e. towing or for tuning and modifications.

Diesel Tuning and Fuel Economy

Our diesel tuning services include Viezu’s multi-award-winning BlueOptimize Fuel economy tuning, used by the largest fleet on the roads today, BlueOptimize is the most popular fuel economy tuning software in use, it has been installed on over 150,000 vehicles around the world and in 2014 Viezu’ s BlueOptimize won the Queens Award For Enterprise

The tuning carried out by Exec Spec Vehicle remaps Nottingham is custom and bespoke to your needs, why not call us now to discuss how Exec Spec can make you smile again about driving your Diesel vehicle.

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