Slam Locks Van Security

Slam Locks for Van security.

Our security van slam locks designed for the individuals & fleets. Perfect for delivery companies these locks are ideal for quick locking of your van doors without the need of using your remote fob for locking.

How do these locks operate?

Our slam locks are professionally fitted to your van doors ( for example rear sliding door & rear barn doors).The slam lock are of high visibility to deter thieves & make awareness of the extra van security. These locks takes of the original key barrel & locking from the original door handle or latch. With our slam lock integrated between the door handle & latch locking mechanism, it allows the door to be constantly locked whenever the occupant leaves the vehicle.

Perfect scenarios are for delivery drivers/couriers who have constant access to the rear load area of their van. By using the slam lock security key you would gain access via the lock. Automatically locking the door by just closing it when leaving the vehicle.

Need your van secured with extra locking?

Our slam locks are a perfect upgrade for van security & can prevent access by key cloning with most modern vehicles. These locks are professionally installed with a choice of two products range

  • Slam locks Senitel series
  • Slam locks T series ( Thatcham approved )

Lock Information

A slam lock is a device that automatically locks the vehicle door immediately it is shut, without requiring any operation by the driver.

It is primarily designed for applications such as multi-drop delivery, high-value loads and applications where the owner/ operator requires control over the security of their goods. It is the function that appeals as much as the security.

Another major advantage with these mechanical locks is total control. Electronic systems often have either global (all doors) or area (load or cab) unlocking- this leaves the unrequired doors vulnerable until the auto relock action operates. These locks do not have this vulnerability.

Slamlocks integrate with the vehicle manufacturers’ locking systems. This provides Maximum Security along with straightforward installation. They combine a genuine Security Slam operation with a high visual deterrent and a pleasing appearance.


All kits are designed with escape from locked load areas, via the manufacturers own internal exit mechanism in mind. This is an extremely important feature as it ensures compliance with Health & Safety at work and Corporate Manslaughter legislation.

The kits are vehicle door specific and contain all the required fixtures, fittings, and instructions to enable a technician to perform a cost-effective professional installation.

Slamlocks are available in both our S and Thatcham accredited T Series.

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lock alternative options for van security.  In addition to van security, our locks are complimented with additional vehicle security, for example, van alarms, rear load microwave sensors or p.i.r.

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