VW T5 T6 T32 Viper Alarm Package

Are you worried about your vans safety?

Look at our all new Vw T5 T6 T32 Viper Alarm Package!

With this, all new Vw T5 T6 T32 Viper Alarm Package, those days of worrying are far behind you. The Vw Viper Alarm Package is a highly popular product. With its sound wakening siren,there is nothing that will get past this Viper alarm system.This product has been highly popular with the workmen in the trade industry. With the increased number of break-ins towards tradesman vans. This Vw T5 T6 Viper Alarm Package is one of the best ways to help stop the threat from thieves and help keep your Volkswagon safe and secure.

With many thieves now targeting vans, due to the number of tools in the back of vans etc, many tradesmen are now worried for both their safety and their vans security. As Vw  are so popular van for tradesmen, this makes them a highly targeted van. We offer different solutions to help keep your van secure. These vary from Alarm packages, Deadlocks, immobilisers and also trackers.

VW T6 viper alarm system upgrade nottingham derby

What does the Vw Viper Alarm Package consist of?

It starts off with a 2-way alarm system with one 5 button 2-way and one 5 buttons 1-way remote. This consists of 5 LED’s that indicate to you that the button pressed has been successful, they also light up when the alarm is going off, to help gain your attention that your van may be in danger.

You will also get a fluorescent blue, hi-vis flashing badge, This flashes in a neon blue when the alarm is armed. This then indicates to potential thieves that you have protection on your VW T5, VW T6 van, as displayed on this badge is the Viper logo as well as “Protected By VIPER.”

The End Product

With many, many late nights and early starts we had this customers vehicle highly secure. The customer was more than happy. The satisfaction that we get from the customer makes all the time and effort 100% worth it. The reaction we get makes the whole team feel great. Making customers happy is what we thrive towards as a company!

For a customer who had never visited us before, that trusted us with a brand new vehicle and wanted the best security for their van, they left with a massive smile on their face. And after all that, a friendship was made, and that is what we work for.

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