Vw T5 Transporter Alpine X800DU Navi,Dab, Bt Multimedia & Car security upgrade

Vw T5 Transporter Alpine X800DU Navi,Dab, Bt Multimedia & Car security upgrade

The Vw Transporter market has absolutely rocketed with customization & vehicle upgrades in the past few years.

Our customer had just taken delivery of this Vw T5 Camper & wanted to bespoke it for his travels across Europe.

What did we Do?

With our client we kitted out his vehicle with high end car audio & not to forget vehicle security. We upgraded the vehicle lighting to L.ed lights & also fitted mood lighting into the accomadation area .  So this is what we fitted .

Skinz Sound Proofing  One way of reducing sound noise & the hollow tinning of the Vw doors was to completely sound proof the vehicle with our custom Vw Transporter T5 sound proof kit including sound wave diffusers & upgraded door membranes.

Alpine X800Du Navi system -With this huge 8” Nav,Dvd,Bluetooth,Dab,Audio streaming multimedia system we complimented in with a Perfect fit Vw T5 fitting kit which included steering wheel controls , Phone answer/end. Bluetooth streaming controls from the steering wheel .

Rainbow Vw T5 custom 3 way High Performance speaker kit .-These vehicle specific speakers not only fit like for like replacements but sound awesome with the VW T5 ..including mid ,bass & tweeters!

Audison Amp /Processor A.P8.9 – This awesome amp with built in processor was an awesome compliment to the Rainbow speakers .Using our Audison Bit Tune we could calibrate the sound ,eq,time alignment & turn this Vw Transporter cabin into a Concert!

Tracker Locate – By far one of the most secure category 6 Thatcham insurance approved tracking systems. This tracking system comes with Gps/Gsm & Vhf for anti jamming , something that most vehicles are subject to when being stolen.

Stealth Guardian – Our custom stealth immobilization system , Stops this vehicle being stolen from Key cloning & anti hi-jacking. Running in the background completely independant from the factory immobiliser this system is a proven success for vehicle theft protection.